The bulk transfer of electrical energy, from generating power plants to electrical substations located near demand centres is of great essence if power is to be delivered. Our Engineers have designed transmission networks to transport the energy as efficiently as feasible, while at the same time taking into account economic factors, network safety and redundancy.

The power generation capacity in Nigeria that is obtainable is less than 5000Mw, but there are more demand for power consumption, hence the need for more transmission projects to bring about system reliability.


To further boost the power sector in both generation and transmission sectors, we have been commissioned to undertake a project on the evacuation of 200MW power from Alscon plant into the national transmission network grid of Nigeria.

The Alscon gas-turbine power plant is equipped with six (6) gas turbines with a total capacity of 540MW/h. The power plant can fully cover the requirements of the smelter in electricity and evacuate the excess of generated power into the national grid. This will in turn improve the reliability of the system as a whole.

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